Studiokamp is David Kamp‘s sound design and music studio. Since 2009 based in Berlin, he works with animators, visual artists, companies, galleries, NGOs and cultural institutions worldwide. Services include music composition and recording, sound design, audio branding and audio post production – from foley and sound editing to final mix in stereo, surround as well as Dolby Atmos, ambisonics and other immersive audio formats. David’s over 2000 projects and collaborations won 250+ awards and are regularly shown at international festivals, museums and galleries. Clients include Bauhaus Foundation, American Museum Of Natural History, BBC, Google & The New Yorker.


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Featured Works

Angela Stempel

"Thanks a mil again 👏 👏 👏 You really nailed it and added so much to the piece with your work!"

Angela Stempel / Independent Animator

Boys & Girls

"We've had the pleasure of working with David on three full campaigns over the past 15 months. His attention to detail and commitment to his craft are astounding."

Derek Doyle / Executive Production Director / Boys & Girls

The Public House

"Thank you again for everything on the project and both ourselves in The Public House and client are delighted with the music and sound design."

Steve Battle / Producer / The Public House

The New Yorker

"We worked with David in 2015, on the first sound identity of The New Yorker. In 2019 we updated the animation, and he refreshed the sound design. David brings sophistication and a strong attention to detail to everything he touches. Working with him was very rewarding."

Nicholas Blechman / Creative Director / The New Yorker


“David Kamp created sound designs for multiple projects for us here at Google, each time we were very impressed with the unique results and smooth collaboration process.”

Xavier Barrade / Creative Lead / Google

Animation World Magazine

"You’d be hard pressed to find a recent indie animation short or commissioned work that doesn’t feature David Kamp’s name in the credits. From Nikita Diakur’s Ugly, Nicholas Ménard’s Wednesday with Goddard, David OReilly’s Please Say Something to commissioned projects for Ted-Ed, The New York Times and other organizations I’ve no desire to plug without full compensation, Kamp’s soundscapes are distinct."

Founder Ottawa International Animation Festival OIAF / AWN Interview

Form Magazine Nº 279

"In animated films, the key task of sound design is to bring abstract images to life and to find convincing soundscapes for the frequently fantastic worlds, even and especially if they have no connection to everyday reality. David Kamp manages this in an impressive manner. His soundscapes open up the cinematic space beyond the framework of the screen, entirely in the spirit of Béla Balázs, who noted: The possibility afforded by sound films to hear the space without having to see it, the ability to regard the most intimate close-up and simultaneously hear the entire breadth of the huge space, offers contrapuntal potential which has seldom been exploited in cinema and hardly ever to full effect."

Prof. Sound Design & Film Sound HAW Hamburg / VP AES Central Europe / Author “Sound in Animation” published in Form Magazine

Nexus Studios

"David Kamp was brilliant. He created a cinematic soundscape that really helps make these flat, book-like compositions come to life."

Nicolas Ménard / Designer & Director / Nexus Studios

Rex Crowle

"It's great to work with someone who is so creative in their work, and also so professional and personable to deal with.”

Rex Crowle / Lead Creator / Media Molecule


"Excellent partnership, a perfect combination of creative flexibility and professional service."

Vera-Maria Glahn / Founder & Director / Field


"You know how when you have an idea for something in your mind, and it seems like it'll be so epic and beautiful, but then you start drawing and you're just constantly disappointed?  And so you contact a musician to try and dig that original inspiration out of your crummy drawings and turn it into the great thing you were imagining? That's what David does. Every single time."

Kevin Dart / Animation Director & Founder / Chromosphere

The New York Times

“I worked with David Kamp on an Exhibition for the Smithsonian Museum. Working with him was a delightful, elevated, collaborative experience.”

Kelly Doe / Design Director / The New York Times

Studio AKA

“Studio AKA first worked with David in 2011. We’ve since been able to secure his collaboration on two more projects. He has an amazing mastery of his craft and is able to realize his works with a fluidity and expressiveness that feels highly intuitive."

Philip Hunt / Co-Owner & Director / Studio AKA

MIT Technology Review

"Working with David Kamp was such a pleasure. His attention to sound detail is really remarkable, I'd love the chance to work with him again."

Lynne Carty / Senior Designer / MIT Technology Review