AR Sound Filters

Face Instruments

I developed a set of sound/music AR filters based on face-tracking, exploring the potential of augmented reality for sound design and musical instruments. The filters range from simple (giving the user a duck voice) to complex music compositions (controlling an orchestra and choir with your facial expressions).

My filters were the first entirely sound focussed AR filters on instagram.

Visit this page from your mobile and try them out in the instagram app using the links below!

Mouth Music Box

Play melodies by opening your mouth, blink to play additional notes.

Dramatic Face Music

Control orchestra and choir chords by opening your mouth. Add melodic violin notes in the same chord by raising your eyebrows, blink for dramatic timpani.

Scary Voice

Replace your voice with that of a much more terrifying, scary and evil creature than you could ever be yourself, even if you tried hard.

Critter Voice

If scary voices are too scary for you, become a cute little critter instead.

Hear Your Face

This one is not for the faint of heart: If you were ever wondering what sounds the flesh and muscles in your face make when you open your mouth and pull different facial expressions, now you know.

Annoyed Duck

If you have been annoyed by all these filters now, feel free to express yourself using this filter by opening your mouth!