Client Commissions

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I have helped media companies, broadcasters, startups, NGOs and other clients, both large and small, define their sound – from concept to content creation. Services include audio branding,  as well as sound design, music and mix for editorial pieces, adverts and other content. Recent direct clients include Greenpeace, The New York Times, Google Creative Lab, Kvadrat, IBM, Adult Swim, MIT and the BBC.



field ibm keepbig studiokamp

Filmfest Dresden

Festival Opener

Filmfest dresden robert löbel david kamp studiokamp


Sound Identity Package

daacdb o


On Air Rebrand


The Trolley Problem

TEDED The Trolley problem eoin duffy david kamp studiokamp animation sound keepbig


Makers & Doers

Sarah Silverman

I Love You America



mtv ident lovers love nikita diakur david kamp studiokamp


Character Upload

Red Cross






Nicolas Menard Nexus Habito animation david kamp studiokamp keepbig

FX Networks

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Lacoste Live

Gator Behavior

andy rementer gator behaviour lacoste david kamp studiokamp sound animation

The New York Times

How Far We've Come

The New York Times aids joe donaldson animation sound davidkamp studiokamp


TV Channel Rebrand

quest channel relaunch analogstudio animation sound design sound branding david kamp studiokamp keepbig

Case Studyo

People Blocks

andy rementer studyo people blocks sound stop motion david kamp studiokamp




Solitary Confinement

bbc mato atom iraqi oil minister solitary confinement animation d sound david kamp studiokamp keepbig

Iron Mountain

Sebas & Clim

Good Night

TVC, StudioAKA

School of Life

The Wisdom of Pessimism

The New Yorker

Audio Branding

Disney XD

Healthy Living


Character Collision


Anniversary Edition




White Noise




I’ve worked with the following (mostly direct) clients

Kvadrat, Nike, Lacoste, The New Yorker, Amnesty International, New York Times, Greenpeace, Harper Collins, Google Creative Lab, Herman Miller, IBM, CNN, Harper Collins, Universal Studios, Condé Nast, Adult Swim, Headspace, TEDed, British Library, Casper, Pictoplasma, Siggraph, BBC, ITV, MTV, Arte, Channel4, FX Networks, The Smithsonian Museum.


I’ve worked with the following production companies, artists and agencies on client projects.

Animation Studios: Nexus, Partizan, Psyop, StudioAKA, Etter Studios, Buck, Gunner, ADP, ManVs Machine, Chromosphere, Nottoscale, Hornet, Passion Pictures, Blind, Moth, Marshmallow Laser Feast, BlinkInk, Foam Studio, Zeitguised, Troublemakers, Blacklist, Hunter & Gatherer, Animade, I Love Dust, Weare17, Hush, Analog Studio,, Sherbet, Oddfellows, Disney.

Artists & Directors: Kevin Dart, Nicolas Ménard, Jun Seo Hahm, Andreas Wannerstedt, Julian Glander, Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Stefan Sagmeister, Andy Rementer, Philip Hunt, Robert Loebel, Joe Donaldson, Eoin Duffy, Julien Vallée, Conor Finnegan, Claudio Salas, Lucas Zanotto, James Curran, Susi Sie, Jon Frickey, Jared Eberhardt, MrKat, Dave Prosser, Johnny Kelly, David Wilson, Adam Gault.

Agencies: Ogilvy & Mather, Harriman Steel, Clemenger BBDO, Who Wot Why, Kolle Rebbe, 72 and Sunny, Dead As We Know It, Droga5, Fallon, Hugo & Cat, JVM, McCann, Nail Communications, The Martin Agency.

The New Yorker

"We worked with David in 2015, on the first sound identity of The New Yorker. In 2019 we updated the animation, and he refreshed the sound design. David brings sophistication and a strong attention to detail to everything he touches. Working with him was very rewarding."

Nicholas Blechman / Creative Director / The New Yorker


“David Kamp created sound designs for multiple projects for us here at Google, each time we were very impressed with the unique results and smooth collaboration process.”

Xavier Barrade / Creative Lead / Google

Rex Crowle

"It's great to work with someone who is so creative in their work, and also so professional and personable to deal with.”

Rex Crowle / Lead Creator / Media Molecule


"Excellent partnership, a perfect combination of creative flexibility and professional service."

Vera-Maria Glahn / Founder & Director / Field

The New York Times

“I worked with David Kamp on an Exhibition for the Smithsonian Museum. Working with him was a delightful, elevated, collaborative experience.”

Kelly Doe / Design Director / The New York Times

Studio AKA

“Studio AKA first worked with David in 2011. We’ve since been able to secure his collaboration on two more projects. He has an amazing mastery of his craft and is able to realize his works with a fluidity and expressiveness that feels highly intuitive."

Philip Hunt / Co-Owner & Director / Studio AKA

MIT Technology Review

"Working with David Kamp was such a pleasure. His attention to sound detail is really remarkable, I'd love the chance to work with him again."

Lynne Carty / Senior Designer / MIT Technology Review