Capturing Sounds

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For the past ten years, I have recorded sounds and ambiences with low noise audio equipment and high-end microphones. This passion has taken me to the rainforests of Congo, the deserts of Israel, the underbelly of German Industrial sites and other exciting places around the world.

In 2018, two of my recordings received awards from the acclaimed WSRS (Wildlife Sound Recording Society) and some of my recordings are part of the British Library’s permanent collection.

I was also involved in sound based research projects at institutions like Max Planck Institute Berlin, in 2020 I provided sounds recordings to the Ames Research Center at NASA

My evergrowing personal collection of recorded and designed sounds is used in my own projects and has been licensed by seasoned sound designers such as Wylie Stateman (Quentin Tarantino – Kill Bill, Django Unchained) and Peter Albrechtsen (Wim Wenders – Cathedrals of Culture, Lars Von Trier – Antichrist).  

Award for my Congo rainforest recordings (2017) by the Wildlife Sound Recording Society UK.
WSRS Field Recording Award