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A film by Jonatan Schwenk

Winner of the Peer Raben Music Award, and Best Sound Design at OIAF.  Premiere at Sundance

Currently on festival tour, online soon.


Music, Sound Design, Foley, 5.1 cinema mix

“A lesson in evolution. White bright tetrapod-like creatures with cute tails and faces swim out of the sea and start playfully mating. Darker, obscured animals — more human-like in appearance — arise and eat these creatures for dinner, their voices incoherent singsongy murmurs. In Jonatan Schwenk’s enjoyable, off-beat animation, feasting on the natural world is given an otherworldly sheen. The bodies ascend to the heavens and then evaporate, perhaps displaying the natural course of consumption. Little is explained, but on a pure cinematic level, there is something incredibly satisfying here.”

Directors Notes