Invisible Worlds

AMNH New York

AMNH Facade Jeanne Gang davidkamp studiokamp sound keepbig

Immersive audiovisual experience, Studiokamp in collaboration with Tamschick Media & Space

Opening February 17th, 2023

AMNH New York City


Music, sound design and 360° immersive mix for the “Invisible Worlds” experience at the newly built Gilder Center at the „American Museum of Natural History“ in New York.



“A 360-degree Invisible Worlds Theater as large as a hockey rink will offer immersive images that widen the lens or zoom in on nature: a rainforest, the ocean, the brain. Visitors’ movements will alter the screen projections.”

-The New York Times


AMNH David Kamp Studiokamp Sound gilder Center Invisible Worlds TMS
The immersive theatre is taking shape, next up: 3 Weeks on site for the final mix.