Invisible Worlds

AMNH New York

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Immersive audiovisual experience, Studiokamp in collaboration with Tamschick Media & Space

Opening February 17th, 2023

AMNH New York City


Music, sound design and 360° immersive mix for the “Invisible Worlds” interactive film experience in the newly built “Invisible Worlds Theatre” at the American Museum of Natural History, the largest natural history museum in America. The $431 million AMNH building extension on New York’s upper westside is designed by architects studiogang, the “Invisible Worlds” experience is produced and designed by TMS.



  • Creative sound concept
  • Recording, creation, and sourcing of all sound elements including 50+ rainforest species, sounds of brain activity, sounds of DNA and many more.
  • Collaboration with scientists on audio content
  • Sound design & diegetic music elements
  • Interactive sound implementation concept
  • Consulting on voice actor casting and recording
  • Binaural VR previews
  • 7.1.4 immersive premixes at Studiokamp Berlin
  • 4-week final 360° sound mix on-site on 50+ Meyersound speaker system (with Peter Hylenski)


“A 360-degree Invisible Worlds Theater as large as a hockey rink will offer immersive images that widen the lens or zoom in on nature: a rainforest, the ocean, the brain. Visitors’ movements will alter the screen projections.”

-The New York Times


“Highly sophisticated data visualization is at work behind the scenes: data generated from LIDAR scans of the brain, showing its trillions of connections, and information from NASA are employed to create the experience, in which projectors cast 360-degree images on the walls and floor of a bowl-shaped room the size of a hockey rink. The audio is not yet installed, but Vivian Trakinski, the director of science visualization at the AMNH, promises an impressive soundscape. Audio will come through perforations in the walls and will include sounds such as pulsing blood or the calls of whales..”

-West Side Rag

“Projections, featuring everything from the deep sea to the human brain, will fill 23-foot-high walls, making the unseen seen. With interactivity on the floor, visitors can metaphorically send off neurons in the brain and splash water.”

-Time Out

AMNH David Kamp Studiokamp Sound gilder Center Invisible Worlds TMS
Projection test image in the immersive theatre.