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Sound Creatures

A “Sound Creature” is a drawing or animation inspired by a creature sound.

Artist Collaborations

I started the project in 2011/2012 by sending designed, “imaginary” creature sounds to selected visual artists and animators who then sent me their visual interpretation in return.

Participating Artists: Sac Magique / Sami Viljanto / Ryan Quincy / David Luepschen / Mark Verhaagen / Lotta Nieminen / Bill Plympton / Santa Maria / Stefanie Augustine / Ian Macarthur / Kristof Luyckx / Ville Savimaa / Joonas Utti / Tomas Garcia / Jon Saunders / Hunter Gatherer / Nick Sheehy / Rex Crowle / Tara Tucker / Janine Rewell / Kirsten Lepore / Dave Prosser / Lucas Zanotto / Juan Molinet / Eirian Chapman / Matt Saunders / ManVsMagnet / Nomint / Bran Dougherty-Johnson / Matt Williams.

Features:  Boooooom, It’s Nice That, VICE,

Sound Creature Sessions

Later on, I hosted multiple drawing sessions where I played the Sound Creatures to a live audience equipped with pen and paper. Pictured below is a drawing session at the amazing Pictoplasma character design festival.

I also recently collaborated with TATE KIDS, inspiring kids to draw based on my sounds.

Want to host a sound creature drawing sessions at your institution or event?

No problem! We can provide helpful instructions, plenty of creature sounds and a turn-key playback solution working on any device.