Rainforest Radio

Continuous Broadcast

Grey Parrot

Rainforest Radio is a continuous broadcast of my rainforest field recordings; a collection of 100+ hours of remote nature soundscapes which I captured in central Africa’s most biodiverse national parks. Depending on when you tune in, you’ll hear the deep drones of elephants, a concert of frogs, countless birds and insects and the sounds of the elements in one sonic journey. Get your headphones, close your eyes and you’ll feel like you’re there.

All sounds © 2020 David Kamp, All Rights Reserved.

If you enjoy this, feel free to donate a small amount using the PayPal button below. Donations will be used to pay for the streaming service/bandwidth needed to run this station. I’ll pass on any additional donations to environmental NGOs active in rainforest and wildlife conservation, including Rainforest Trust, WWF, Greenpeace Africa and African Parks. If you can, please consider donating to them directly as well.

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Photo credits: Scott Ramsay, David Kamp.