A film by Henriette Rietz

»POSTPARTUM« describes the chaotic phase of life in which the protagonist finds herself after becoming a mother for the first time. Pumped up with hormones and lacking sleep, this intense phase has burned deep into her heart. The overwhelming and absurd first days are narrated as snippets of thoughts and visualised by short animations. The mother dreams that she should feed her baby with »Mett« (ground pork) and she wonders whether breastfeeding mothers will survive the longest when the apocalypse is imminent, because they could feed themselves.

Release date: 2021


Direction, Animation, Script: Henriette Rietz

Voiceover: Charlotte Roche, Lova Pfeiffer




YouTube Award (Annecy, France, 2021)
Next Generation Short Tiger (2021)
LUCA Gender Diversity Film Award (Filmfest Dresden, Germany, 2020)


Sound design, Foley, Final mix

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Official Selection

Annecy Festival, France, 2021

ITFS (Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart), Germany, 2021

Tampere Film Festival, Finland, 2021

Palm Springs Short Fest, USA, 2021

Anima, Brussels, 2021

Flickerfest, Australia, 2021

Two Short Nights Film Festival, UK, 2021

Animac, Spain, 2021

Tricky Women, Austria, 2021

Anifilm, Czech Republic, 2021

Bamberger Kurzfilmtage , Germany, 2021

Flatpack Film Festival, UK, 2021

Fest Anča, Slovakia, 2021

Animatrix, Finland, 2021

Nòt Film Fest, Italy, 2021

Filmfest Dresden, Germany, 2020

Encounters Film Festival, UK, 2020

Interfilm, Germany, 2020

Lublin Film Festival, Poland, 2020

La Guarimba International Film Festival, Italy 2020

Animation Block Party, USA, 2020

Festival Of Animation Berlin, Germany, 2020

AFI Fest, USA, 2020

Animatou, Switzerland, 2020

Les Sommets du cinéma d’animation, Canada, 2020

Shorts That Are Not Pants, Canada, 2020

TAF – Thessaloniki Animation Festival, Greece, 2020

ESFF European Short Film Festival, Germany, 2020

OFF – Odense International Film Festival, Denmark, 2020

SEAFF – Stockholm Experimental Animation Film Festival, Sweden, 2020

BuSho – The Budapest Short International Film Festival, Hungary, 2020

Rolling Ideas Short Film Festival, Romania, 2020

WFAF World Festival of Animated Film Varna, Bulgaria, 2020

In The Palace Short Film Festival, Bulgaria, 2020

E&U European Short Film Festival, Germany, 2020

Short Film Factory, Romania, 2020

Short to the Point, Romania, 2020