Sound Installation

Format: 8-Channel Audio, 11 Minutes (loop)

Premiere: 8. – 12. May 2019, Silent Green Berlin

Commissioned by Pictoplasma Festival

flutes davidkamp

David Kamp’s multichannel spatial sound composition Mimicry simulates an artificial soundscape of hundreds of imaginary creatures; every creature sound has been designed from scratch using musical instruments and digital sound synthesis. Combined, these individual creatures’ calls and articulations turn into massive chorusesmimicking the dense and constantly changing sonic characteristics of bio-diverse environments such as the rainforests of the world. 

30s Stereo Preview:

Format: 2 to 32 channel audio, depending on exhibition space.

(Full-length stereo mix available upon request.)

Nominated at the Phonurgia Sound Art Awards 2019.

Article about the Event at BNF Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Photo Credit: Achim Hatzius