Site-specific sound composition

Proposal by David Kamp, 07.01.2020

In the entrance area of the MAAT building, the hum of traffic and the resulting structural resonance of the Ponte 25 de Abril are always audible. I propose to augment the bridges’ environmental sounds with harmonically filtered sounds, made from recordings of the bridge, which will be played through the existing loudspeakers in the MAAT entrance area.


This added artificial sound layer will slowly appear and disappear, continually shifting between the augmented (loudspeaker) and real (environmental) bridge sound. Each visitor’s unique perception of the real and the augmented sounds is determined by proximity to the loudspeakers. The presence of the augmented sounds will be more pronounced closer to the entrance.

Bridge Sound Recordings

ABCDE = different recording locations and sound perspectives used to capture the environmental sounds of the bridge.

I hired a local sound recordist to capture sounds of the bridge from various distances. This sound material will be the only material used in this proposed composition. I intend to limit the processing of these recorded sounds to filtering: In this way I aim to uncover and highlight the harmonic content already present within the recordings.

Proof of concept & sound examples

Please use headphones
Note: the finished composition will sound similar but not exactly like the initial sound sketches in the above video.

By adding a magnified, yet subtle sound layer to the environmental bridge sound, the work alters our perception of the everyday sounds surrounding us and augments our acoustic reality. It encourages conscious listening and makes us aware of the sonic characteristics of our urban soundscapes.


Ponte.25 could be exhibited once – for a specific time frame – or it could become a permanent artwork for the MAAT, played whenever there are no other curated sound works presented in the entrance area.