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Sounds inspire drawings

Workshop series by David Kamp / Studiokamp

As humans we immediately try to find meaning in sounds as soon as we hear them, conscious or not. What kind of space are we in? Is that noise coming from the bush behind me a threat or a cute critter?

The workshop

The workshop is a 30-60 minute shared listening and drawing session. All participants listen to a sound for few minutes while trying to draw what they hear in that sound. There is no right or wrong and everyone’s interpretation will be different, seeing what your neighbour focussed on afterwards  is part of the fun.

The workshop encourages conscious listening and sparks creativity in a shared group experience. Feedback from previous workshops showed that this is equally fun for children, grown ups and senior citizens.

Workshop participants listening and drawing sounds.

Available hear/draw editions

01: Creatures

Playful, bold and fun, this edition is well suited for kids grown ups alike. We hear imaginary critters, monsters, robots, birds and many unique surreal creatures.

sound preview

02: Spaces

This edition is more “serious”. It has no creature sounds. Instead we visit different real and unreal spaces and sound environments. From a bustling urban soundscape, to a space station, a rain forest a river etc.

sound preview

Pricing & Terms

Pricing depends on the workshop duration (once or recurring) and which organisation hosts the workshop. Small festivals, NGOs, Kindergardens will be charged differently than agencies or companies.

Workshop requirements

Supplied by studiokamp

  • Hear/Draw sounds, designed by David Kamp
  • Intuitive browser-based playback solution for the sounds (even offline)
  • Helpful introduction text for moderation
  • PDF Guide “Getting Started & Best Practices”
  • License to use the sounds during your event (see terms)

Supplied by workshop host

  • host/moderator (not required, but nicer)
  • relatively quiet room/location
  • Device to run the hear/draw player. (Smartphone/Table/Laptop any platform)
  • loudspeakers (from venue or portable) connected to device
  • pen and paper for each particpant

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Partners & Supporters

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